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Ladies Diabetic Alpaca Socks

AlpacaJack Ladies Diabetic Alpaca Socks are the warmest and most luxurious diabetic/therapeutic socks available.

Warmest Diabetic Socks

Our diabetic alpaca socks are thick and heavy-duty. Alpaca fiber is three times warmer than wool. Other materials, such as wool and cotton, can’t match the warmth of Alpaca.

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These socks are available in the following color:

  • Black

Improve Circulation

Our premium diabetic alpaca socks will help you take care of your feet. They will improve blood circulation in both the feet and the legs. They will also help prevent discomfort and irritation. These socks will adjust to cover the calf without sagging or falling.

This premium diabetic sock is a loose-top sock, so it is less restrictive on the foot or on the leg. This is essential for people with circulation problems. Our Ladies Diabetic socks are designed to be unrestricted to improve blood flow.

Moisture Wicking

Alpaca fiber is naturally moisture wicking, transporting moisture away from its source (foot or leg) to the outside of the sock, where it is able to evaporate.

This helps to keep the foot dry and reduce the growth of bacteria and fungus, which leads to less foot odor and overall better comfort, even in cold and damp conditions.

Socks made of cotton and wool and are both very absorbent but do not have very good wicking properties, which is why feet sweat when wearing cotton or wool socks.


Alpaca fiber, unlike wool, does not contain lanolin. Our socks will not cause the foot to itch or a person to have an allergic reaction from lanolin.

Eco Friendly

Alpacas are a renewable resource and are gently, hardy animals. Alpaca fiber production is gentle to the environment and is a sustainable process.

An Alpaca is typically sheared once per year, after which the Alpaca grows another luxurious coat.  One shearing can ultimately produce many warm, soft socks.

No animals are killed or hurt in the process of collecting alpaca fiber.

Made in USA

Our diabetic alpaca socks are proudly made in the United States of America, using American labor.

Easy Care

Machine wash cold and lay flat to dry.

Our diabetic alpaca socks will help the leg and the feet stay comfortable all day.

55% Alpaca, 35% acrylic, 10% Nylon

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